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Cerebrovascular diseases affecting blood vessels and blood flow to the brain are serious, complex and often life threatening or debilitating. Such conditions demand the skill of highly trained and experienced physicians using the most advanced technology and supported by a multi-disciplined, collaborative team of specialists. That’s what you’ll find at Crouse Neuroscience Institute.

At Crouse, we've assembled a stellar team that specializes in the treatment and management of all forms of cerebrovascular diseases and conditions.

Crouse is home to the area’s most sophisticated minimally invasive, microsurgical tools available. Our two new hybrid operating rooms combine radiology suites into the traditional operating room. Patient benefits include faster treatment, minimized complication rates are improved outcomes.

Vascular Neurology Services in Syracuse, NY

Vascular neurologists focus on treating patients who have experienced a form of stroke or stroke symptoms and work with a multidisciplinary approach to prevent any further cerebrovascular events.

Stroke Treatment

Medical Management is Available and Can Include:

  • Anticoagulant/Antiplatelet Therapy: These medications (aspirin, Plavix, warfarin, etc.) interfere with the blood’s ability to clot and can play a key role in preventing ischemic stroke.
  • Anti-hypertensives: Medications that treat high blood pressure
  • Cholesterol medications: Lower cholesterol and decrease the probability of plaque depositing in blood vessels.

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