About Us

Crouse Medical Practice PLLC, was established in 2010 by Crouse Hospital to further align the organization with its physicians, with the goal of building an integrated healthcare delivery network over time. Crouse Medical Practice is a multispecialty physician practice with several locations to serve your healthcare needs.

About Header Image from Crouse Medical Practice in Syracuse NY

Our Mission

To provide the best in patient care and promote community health.

Our Vision

To be the leading healthcare organization in Central New York by: 

  • Being committed to excellence in all areas of our organization.
  • Building a dynamic work environment where all are valued, respected and are provided the opportunity for personal and professional growth.
  • Strengthening the relationships among our practices and other healthcare providers to enhance an integrated healthcare delivery system.
  • Treating patients, families and colleagues with respect, dignity, courtesy and compassion.
  • Operating in a fiscally responsible manner that allows us to provide the best in patient care and technology.
  • Enhancing access through expanded services designed to meet the ever growing needs of our patients.

Our Values 

  • Integrity – Hold ourselves to the highest personal and professional standards, and act with honesty and transparency in our relationships.
  • Mutual Respect & Teamwork – Foster a collaborative environment built on the respect of all individuals; focused accountability, mutual support and common goals.
  • Compassion – Act with caring empathy, honoring the dignity of the diverse population we work with and serve through each personal interaction.
  • Service Excellence – Exceed our patients’, visitors’ and colleagues’ expectations of high quality care and service through continuous improvement.