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Are you or a loved one experiencing back pain? Crouse Medical Practice provides back pain relief and treatment through the latest advancements in pain management. Our pain management doctors have helped patients improve their quality of life, effectively managing and treating back pain.

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Our Pain Management Doctors Can Help Treat and Relieve Back Pain

Creating an individual care plan for back pain depends on how severe the back pain is. Mild back pain requires certain treatment options, while severe back pain can require different treatments. Beyond back pain treatment, developing an effective pain management plan is essential for maximizing a patient's quality of life. 

By getting to know each patient's back pain symptoms, our pain management doctors can help patients feel better. Is your back pain sudden, or does it gradually worsen? Does your back pain get worse when performing everyday activities? Do certain things make your back pain worse, such as sitting for long periods of time? Are there other symptoms that you experience in addition to your back pain? These are just some of the possible questions that a doctor will look to answer to create an effective pain management plan. 

Crouse Medical Practice pain management doctors provide care for all types of back pain, such as:

Care for Lower Back Pain

There are many different lower back pain causes. In some cases, lower back pain may be a symptom of a more serious medical condition. However, with a wide range of possible lower back pain causes, the appropriate lower back pain treatment varies on a patient by patient basis.

Lower back pain treatment also depends on the degree of pain that a patient experiences. Severe lower back pain can require different pain management options compared to mild lower back pain. Whether a patient has severe lower back pain, or more mild symptoms, Crouse Medical Practice can help. 

Do you have lower back pain? It could be a sign of a more serious medical condition. Because of this, it's important to talk to a doctor about your lower back pain. 

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Experiencing Lower Left Back Pain? 

Pinpointing your lower back pain can be helpful for developing the most effective pain management plan. If you are experiencing lower left back pain, there are many possible causes. Does your lower left back pain feel like a sharp or stabbing pain? Or, is your lower left back pain more of a dull, persistent aching? Answering these questions can be important for understanding and managing lower left back pain.

Lower Left Back Pain Causes

The three most common lower left back pain causes are:

  • Minor injuries, like a strained muscle,
  • Soft tissue damage, which can be related to spine support or spinal structure health concerns,
  • Organ problems or diseases

Lower Left Back Pain Treatment

Health conditions associated with lower left back pain range significantly in severity. While lower left back pain could be a sign of a manageable injury or condition, it could also be a sign of more serious health problems that require professional medical attention. Because of this, the best recommendation for a patient's lower left back pain is to get it checked out by a pain management doctor. 

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Care for Lower Right Back Pain

Lower back pain on the right side of the body could be associated with specific medical conditions. If the back pain you experience can be described as lower right back pain, rather than being felt across multiple parts of the back, this could be a sign of certain health problems. 

Lower Right Back Pain Causes

There are a wide range of potential lower right back pain causes. The most common causes of lower right back pain include:

  • Minor muscle injuries,
  • Injuries to tendons, ligaments or muscles that provide spine support,
  • Spine structure issues (for example: intervertebral discs),
  • Organ disease

Lower Right Back Pain Treatment

Lower right back pain could be caused by manageable injuries. Lower right back pain could also be caused by severe medical conditions that require care from a pain management doctor. This makes it particularly important to request an appointment to identify a lower right back pain diagnosis. 

Don't wait until it gets worse. Go to Crouse Medical Practice for lower right back pain diagnosis and care.

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Care for Upper Back Pain

While upper back pain is less common than other types of back pain, many patients do experience upper back pain. Patients may experience different forms of upper back pain. For example, upper back pain may develop suddenly, or upper back pain may gradually worsen. A Crouse Medical Practice pain management physician can help diagnose and care for upper back pain. 

Upper Back Pain Causes

There are various possible upper back pain causes. Upper back pain causes include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Poor posture over a long period of time,
  • Injuries to the thoracic spine,
  • Infections,
  • Spine instability

Upper Back Pain Relief

Methods to achieve upper back pain relief vary based on individual health factors. One approach for upper back pain relief may be best for one patient, but another approach may be more suitable for a different patient. Because of this, it's important to see a doctor about your upper back pain. 

Many cases of upper back pain are not serious. However, a sizable segment of patients who experience upper back pain may have an infection or injury that requires medical attention. Because of this, it's best to see a Crouse Medical Practice specialist about upper back pain. 

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Care for Middle Back Pain 

Middle back pain is most commonly felt in the part of the body where the rib cage and spine meet. Some cases of middle back pain are more severe than others. The severity of middle back pain can be associated with different middle back pain injuries. Crouse Medical Practice's pain management specialists provide care for all degrees of middle back pain. 

Middle Back Pain Causes 

There are many possible middle back pain causes. The more common middle back pain causes include:

  • Muscle strain,
  • Injuries to spinal discs,
  • Vertebrae fractures,
  • Osteoporosis,
  • Infection,
  • Chronic spinal conditions, like scoliosis,
  • Tumors

Middle Back Pain Treatment

There are a range of middle back pain treatment options. The appropriate middle back pain treatment depends on the cause of a patient's middle back pain. 

Because middle back pain causes can range significantly in severity, you should see a doctor about middle back pain. 

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Back Pain and Pain Management Near Syracuse NY

If you or a loved one experiences back pain, Crouse Medical Practice provides pain management near Syracuse NY. 

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The team of medical specialists at Crouse Medical Practice includes pain management doctors who are experienced in diagnosing, caring for and treating back pain. 

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