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Crouse Medical Practice has been working with the New York State Department of Health to secure access to COVID-19 vaccines for our patients. Please be aware that we receive short notice as to when we will receive vaccine. When we have available vaccine, we will reach out via a phone message to those patients who are deemed eligible by the New York State Department of Health. When you receive a message, you will be instructed to call the office of your Crouse Medical Practice provider to schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine at one of our vaccine clinics. We highly encourage all patients who are interested in the vaccine to check the New York State Department of Health website and the Onondaga County website for vaccination information and sites. We will continue to keep you updated as information changes.

If you are a CMP patient with a qualifying underlying condition listed on the New York State Department of Health website, please be aware that our providers are providing letters confirming your eligibility to receive the COVID-19 vaccine if you so desire.  A letter can be requested by sending a CMP Patient Portal message to your CMP provider or by calling your CMP provider’s office.  If you are eligible we will send the letter to you via the portal, you can pick it up in person or we can mail it to you.

Please be aware that in order to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, you may still be required to attest and certify that you are eligible.   The following website will provide additional information and is typically updated each time a new priority group is added: (AM I Eligible)


COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Crouse Medical Practice Primary Care has successfully registered to administer the COVID vaccine when it becomes available.  We currently do not have the vaccine and do not know if or when we will receive the vaccine.  We will update our eligible patients once we receive the vaccine.  Please sign up for our Patient Portal as the most secure and rapid way to receive ongoing vaccine information.

We strongly encourage our patients to seek alternate local vaccine administration sites. If you have registered to receive the vaccine at a local administration site, please keep your appointment.  For more information regarding vaccine eligibility and community vaccine administration site registration, visit the New York State Department of Health.

COVID-19 Information
By CMP Leadership Team
3/31/21 at 11:45 a.m.

All locations remain open. We are keeping our offices safe for everyone, so do not hesitate to make an appointment. Anyone entering a CMP location will be given a mandatory screening and a mask. Remember to clean your hands frequently and observe social distancing in our waiting rooms.

More information on COVID-19

View our safe steps.


Telehealth Appointments

During the Covid-19 pandemic, CMP, continues to offer video and phone visits to new and existing patients in all specialty services and, when we’re able, in primary care. Please contact your provider’s office to see if this option is available to you. 


Online Scheduling!

You may now book appointments online with our Crouse Spine Care providers. This is available for both new and existing patients.