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There's a 95% chance of saving vision when diabetic retinopathy is discovered early. Protect your vision, and see a brighter tomorrow today.

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What is a RetinaVue Diabetic Eye Exam?

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RetinaVue is a digital camera that is specifically made to take pictures of the retina, an important part of the eye for vision. This digital camera provides medical professionals with a zoomed in image of the patient's eye. This image then provides the information a retinal specialist needs to provide a diagnosis. 

From the RetinaVue diabetic eye exam, a retinal specialist can quickly determine if a diabetic...

  • Has healthy vision, with no follow up care needed until a second check up RetinaVue exam 1 year later
  • Needs a follow up appointment with a specialist, or
  • Requires treatment as soon as possible 

How a RetinaVue Diabetic Eye Exam Can Help

Diabetes is the #1 cause of nontraumatic blindness in adults. Because of this, it's very important for anyone who has diabetes to take action to prevent vision loss. 

With a diabetic eye exam powered by RetinaVue, early detection of vision problems related to diabetes is possible. This early detection is essential to preventing vision loss before it happens. 

How RetinaVue Works

The RetinaVue diabetic eye exam is as easy as it is important. 

  • Just 5 Minutes of Your Time The RetinaVue diabetic eye exam is fast, easy and straightforward, taking about 5 minutes to start and finish the test.
  • No Eye Dilation Necessary The RetinaVue diabetic eye exam does not require a patient's eyes to be dilated for the test. This makes the test convenient, as there's no need to wait to drive home or deal with the hassle of arranging a ride after your appointment. 
  • Most Insurance Policies Cover It This makes the RetinaVue diabetic eye exam affordable, on top of the potential savings from preventing vision problems before they need to be treated.
  • You Can Do It At the Same Time as Your Appointment Having a regular check up with your primary care doctor, or meeting with our diabetes specialists? The quick and easy RetinaVue diabetic eye exam can be done at the same time that you would be coming in for your doctor's appointment.

After Your RetinaVue Diabetic Eye Exam: Results & Follow Up

diabetic eye exam follow up and results from crouse medical practice near syracuse ny

The RetinaVue diabetic eye exam delivers results within an hour after the test is complete.  These results are then delivered to our specialists in the form of a report. This report includes recommendations for the next steps to prevent or treat any eye problems that were detected. Crouse Medical Practice will then contact you to let you know the results and to schedule any follow up appointments, if necessary.

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