Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner


  • Endocrinology

Position Overview:

Under the supervision of the Medical Director and in collaboration with the Practice Physicians, the Physician
Assistant (PA)/Nurse Practitioner (NP) is responsible for assisting in the delivery of health care and patient care
management. Under a physician's supervision, the PA is responsible for the delivery of a broad range of medical
services, including taking medical histories, conducting physical examinations, ordering diagnostic tests,
administering treatments (e.g., suturing, wart removal), monitoring patients, prescribing medications, assisting
physicians, and counseling and educating patients.


  • Assesses patient status by obtaining health history through patient/family interviews and chart reviews;
    assessing present illness, risk factors, family history, psychosocial situation, and cultural factors; and
    performing appropriate physical examination using standard medical procedures as part of the clinical
    care team.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of primary care principles and practice protocols.
  • Observes, assesses and records symptoms, reactions and progress notes in the patient electronic
    medical record.
  • Orders/performs appropriate laboratory diagnostics and other screening tests. Seeks other information
    as needed, including consultation with physicians and other clinicians, for evaluation of illness.
    Integrates data to determine diagnosis and therapeutic plan, including identification of any health risks.
  • Develops and implements treatment plan by prescribing/dispensing medications and/or injections in
    compliance with medical practice guidelines and state laws.
  • Demonstrates a working knowledge of medications, their indications, contraindications, dosing, side
    effects and correct administration.
  • Educates patients and/or families as to the nature of the disease, provides instruction on proper care,
    self- management and treatment, and works with the patient to develop an individualized care plan.
  • Communicates medical information to professional practitioners and/or the general public.
  • Prepares documentation in the electronic medical record including updating the patient chart by posting
    examination and test results, diagnosis, medications and treatment in the electronic medical record.
  • Participates in peer reviews, chart reviews, staff education, clinical guideline development, and other
    continuing education and quality assurance activities to demonstrate compliance with standards,
    regulations, policies, and procedures. Promotes patient advocacy.
  • Collaborates with physicians in managing acute and long-term medical needs of the patient. Provides
    monitoring and continuity of care between visits according to treatment plan including assisting with
    triaging patient calls/correspondence.
  • Follows practice policy regarding all communications.
  • Insures the delivery of the Patient Centered Medical Home Standards through a care team approach.

Customer Service:

  • Interacts and communicates with everyone (i.e., patients, guests, staff, etc.) appropriately
    demonstrating respect, compassion and courtesy.
  • Maintains confidentiality and ensures department procedures comply with confidentiality standards.
  • Demonstrates respect for equipment, buildings and grounds to ensure a customer-friendly environment.
  • Incorporates patient service expectations into daily practice to promote patient satisfaction.
  • Accepts responsibility for meeting or exceeding their patients’ expectations.
  • Identifies and accepts accountability for addressing patient service opportunities.
  • Recognizes age related differences and diversity, provides care to meet those needs.

Professional Conduct:

  • Contributes to the smooth operation of the office and demonstrates collaboration and flexibility in an
    effort to provide quality services.
  • Values differences among office staff and respects the opinions, ideas and diversity of others and
    encourages others to do the same.
  • Offers and receives constructive feedback.
  • Takes initiative and steps to resolve issues and conflicts directly.
  • Takes personal accountability for own actions and follows through with commitments.
  • Refrain from eating or drinking in public view or at the front desk.

Environment of Care:

  • Identifies circumstances that put patients, staff or guests at risk for experiencing accidents or injury and
    follows through to report or resolve danger. These factors could include, but not limited to, the
    • Substance abuse;
    • Behavior disorders;
    • Side effects of medications;
    • Physical impairments;
    • Wet floors, spills, uneven floor covers, etc.; and
    • Faulty equipment
  • Demonstrates appropriate knowledge and expectations related to emergency codes and procedures to
    implement in the event of the medical emergency, violence, fire, disaster or severe weather.

Continuous Learning:

  • Demonstrates accountability for own competence and growth and seeks out appropriate resources to
    enhance competency and improve performance.
  • Keep personal in-service record up to date.
  • Attends required meetings as requested.
  • Annual review of office policies and procedures, ensuring compliance regulation standards, including but
    not limited to those aligned with PPC-PCMH accreditation.

Quality Performance Improvement:

Participates as requested in quality performance projects to improve quality of the practice, including those
which align with the practice’s dedicated efforts to ensure further development of our practice as a regionally
and nationally recognized patient centered medical home.

Access, Use and Disclosure of Patient Information:

Position requires access to patient Protected Health Information (PHI) and individually Identifiable Health
Information (IIHI) within the job responsibilities listed above. Employee is advised that inadvertent and/or
intentional disclosure of this information violates Federal Law and can result in termination and/or fines.


Due to the small size of our office staff, this practice does not restrict access to PHI. It has been deemed
necessary for all staff members to have access to all PHI to carry out their job functions. This practice will make
every effort to adhere to minimum necessary standards by limiting the “use and disclosure” of PHI within the


To perform this job successfully, this individual must understand and work well in a production-driven
environment, meeting established benchmarks. This individual must understand and work well in a fast-paced
and often times stressful environment. The PA must demonstrate concern and empathy, providing personal
patient care while acknowledging physiological and psychological needs. To be successful, the PA must have the
ability to work well with others in a team environment and display sound judgment while taking appropriate
actions regarding questionable findings or concerns. The requirements listed below are representative of the
knowledge, skill and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with
disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Required Qualifications:

  • Current NY State certification/registration as a Physician Assistant.
  • Current Basic Life Support Certification.
  • Demonstrated ability to remain calm and effective in emergency situations and establish a leadership
    role in an emergency.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of current and emerging trends in technologies, techniques, issues and
    approaches in area of expertise.
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain quality, safety and/or infection control standards.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of health promotion, health risk identification, and patient education
    principles and techniques.

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated competence interpersonal and intra professional relations.
  • Demonstrated competence in acute care patient management/organization.
  • Demonstrated commitment to collaboration with physician to individualize and enhance patient care.
  • Experience in a physician office.


Crouse Medical Practice, PLLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer-M/F/D/V.

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